XHEK The Ripper PASKALI – Promotion Video

In february 2015 I was hired as a camera operator for the promotional video about the topical German master in middleweight boxing Xhek Paskali by the Stuttgart based film production studio KREATV.

I used the Panasonic GH4 with Tom Antos CineD settings as these offer the best visual quality (CineD, C -5, S -2, NR 0, SAT -2). The video ist mostly filmed in UHD 25fps and FullHD 96fps for slow-motion shots. I also composed the music to deliver a action packed and tense musical background for the video.


Kamera | Joachim Lindenmann
Schnitt . Postproduktion | Jens S. Achtert
Musik | Joachim Lindenmann
Logo | Jens S. Achtert
Location | MBC Ludwigsburg
Archiv Videomaterial | gestellt von Xhek Paskali
Kontakt / Copyright | service@kreatv.de

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