New Zacuto Gratical OLED-720p-EVF coming soon

So this is my first real blog post. I will make more blog posts in the future about tech-news, gear-reviews, projects, tips, experiences from my filmmaker journey and movie reviews (from time to time as this can be heavy stuff).

So with the video above one of my favorite gear companies Zacuto (I own a Z-Finder to use with the 5DMkIII) announced a new line of EVFs, namely the Gratical LT and HD. zacgrathd This will be the perfect match for their new Recoil-System that works with DSLR size but also the big cameras (RED, F55). Depending on the price and performance this could be a real counter offer to the expensive EVFs of Sony and RED. For example the Sony DVF-EL100 OLED is around 4300 euros. The current EVF from Zacuto is around 600-900 euros so if they achieve a more affordable product with similar performance this could be a versatile piece of equipment for professionals to use with every camera.

The new Zacuto EVFs come in two versions that differ in resolution Gratical LT (1024×756) and Gratical HD (1280×720) and got some very interesting key features:

  • HDMI and HD-SDI ports IN/OUT
  • HDMI cross conversion to SDI
  • Diopter that covers a -1 to 4 dioptric range
  • Micro-OLED displays of high density LT (3.3M dots) HD (5.5M dots)
  • ultra sharp display and true blacks
  • Custom cables for cameras like Arri Alexa, C300, F55, Epic for original metadata overlays
  • LUT support
  • Uses LP-6E battery (perfect as I own five of them for the 5D)
  • Dual-core processor for zero-lag display
  • 4:3 display to show overlays and information without distracting the frame
  • larger field of view than competing products (20% more than Alexa EVF)

Zacuto offers various mounting options. I think this could be a great product and I am very curious about the pricing. Top notch EVFs are not cheap and Zacuto have some very expensive products. They just sneak-peeked it and will showcase the device on this weekends NAB Show so more information on this will drop soon.

Source: Zacuto NAB 2014 preview article



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