1991: The Light

“There is no Place like Space”

This is the first short film I ever produced. We shot this entirely at the UWS Campus in Ayr during our exchange trimester in Scotland. It is still a work in progress since we have several new shots in the making and I will update the movie from time to time.

We produced every CGI shot with Element 3D completely in After Effects wich gave us the production speed we needed because we only had less than two months time to finish the film from first day writing the shotlist to the final render.

If there is demand for a VFX breakdown on some shots please write it in the comments and I will try to make some during the summer.


Zoe Silver – Micia
Chris Lynch – Vong Beluga
Craig McKenzie – 2000
Bryan McCormack – The Professor

Space Cops

Emmi Häkkä
Arno Meyns
Reeta Rossi
Jan Riebe


Jan Riebe
Director, Writer, Producer, VFX Artist, Virtual Hair Stylist, Blender-Modelling

Joachim Lindenmann
Director of Photography, Producer, VFX Supervisor, Editor,
Audio Supervisor

Alan Muszynski
Production Assistant, Sound Recordist, Camera Assistant

Reeta Rossi
Sound Recordist, Graphic Design

Mark Fraser
Sound Recordist

Arno Meyns
Sound Recordist

Emmi Häkkä
Catering, Hair Stylist, Grafic Design

Special Thanks to
Kyla McDowall
Kevin Fraser
Ian White
Rachel Flynn

Music Composed by
Joachim Lindenmann and Luke Neumann (Teaser- and Trailer-Toolbag)

Enlightene Dust

Lind. Pictures

Filmed with the
Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Canon XF 305

Lenses by

All CGI shots were rendered entirely in After Effects using VideoCopilot Element 3D

Gear used:
Glidecam HD 4000
Gini Rig
Manfrotto Stand
Heliopan Vario ND

Filmed entirely on the UWS Ayr Campus
Ayrshire, Scotland

© 2013 – Enlightened Dust, Lind. Pictures



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